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Nutrient-Dense Ancient Grain & Green Phytofood Matrix. Vital Greens is predominantly a food-based formula making it easy to absorb and suitable for all ages, whether looking to support great health, busy living or recovering from illness. Vital Greens is ideal for vegans and vegetarians or those on restricted diets due to allergies.


We try to eat healthfully, but getting enough plant foods each day can be a challenge for many people. Vital Greens Mix is a blend of organic whole plant foods that provide diverse benefits ranging from protecting DNA integrity and maintaining immune function to suppressing vascular risk factors and restoring healthy intestinal flora.

Some of the ingredients in the new Vital Greens Mix superfood include: • Chia, a rich source of protein, fiber, vitamins, minerals, and alpha-linolenic acid (an omega-3 precursor).

Recent research at the University of Toronto has shown that regular chia intake may help maintain healthy blood pressure and C-reactive protein levels, both of which are well-known markers of cardiovascular disease.1 • Green Grasses and Sprouts to provide a full array of chlorophyll-rich, nutrient-dense natural “green” foods that help detoxify and maintain youthful DNA integrity. In addition, clinical trials with chlorella supplements demonstrate that daily use of this green food may support healthy immunity and wound healing.2,3.

Probiotics to sustain healthy bacterial balance in the gut, which may support overall immune and digestive health. • A mushroom blend combining maitake, shiitake and cordyceps extracts to support immune health and provide adaptogenic benefits for balance and resistance. Life Extension®’s Vital Greens Mix is a great way to start off a meal. It induces some immediate satiety while providing beneficial plant foods that help neutralize mutagenic components of modern diets. Each scoop of Life Extension’s Vital Greens Mix provides a daily dose of nutrient-dense foods and herbal extracts


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