(Enhanced Super) Digestive Enzymes With Probiotics

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Each serving of Enhanced Super Digestive Enzymes with Probiotics contains the enzymatic activity to digest up to 80 grams of starch, 45 grams of protein and 420 grams of fat. Suitable for vegetarians.


Your colon is a perfect breeding ground for many opportunistic bacteria that can multiply and cause inflammatory upsets and other digestive problems. In order to maintain a healthy digestive system, your body hosts beneficial bacteria in its gastrointestinal tract that defend against harmful microorganisms. But poor diet, increasing age, stress and antibiotic use can all rob you of these good bacteria. The result can be compromised immune function, disturbances in bowel function and other digestive discomforts.

Many people still believe they can get the healthy bacteria they need by eating yogurt. But very few of the bacteria in yogurt ever survive the harsh acid journey through the stomach and reach the intestinal tract alive to effectively combat the harmful bacteria and keep your GI tract healthy. A patented strain of Bacillus coagulans (Ganeden BC30®) is present in this formulation in a spore form, surrounded by a natural protective shield. This protective layer helps Bacillus coagulans survive the heat and pressure of manufacturing, and ultimately the acids in the stomach.

Up to 78% of these healthy bacteria arrive alive and ready to colonize your colon. These special bacteria have significant free radical scavenging abilities that give optimal support to your digestive system. Normal aging and certain health conditions cause a reduction in the body’s enzyme production.32 Supplementing with enzymes can help promote optimal digestion and better absorption of nutrients. Enhanced Super Digestive Enzymes with Probiotics also provides a potent array of the amylase, protease and lipase enzymes that are designed to adapt to a variety of stomach acid pH conditions and provide powerful digestion of protein, fat, carbohydrates, milk lactose and vegetable cellulose.


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