New Congestive Heart Failure Treatment Shows Success


New Congestive Heart Failure Treatment Shows Success

by Dr. Bruce West

An article in the New England Journal of Medicine on Nov 2, 2006, discussed a new medi­cal treatment for congestive heart failure (CHF). CHF affects some 5 million Americans! Each year it kills about 60,000 people. With CHF, the heart becomes weaker and weaker and its pumping ca­pacity drops dangerously low, leaving the patient weak and incapacitated—a cardiac invalid.

The new treatment involves giving the patient drugs that help reduce some of the edematous wa­ter build-up around the heart, causing it to shrink back to a more normal size. More drugs are used to “reduce the workload on the heart.” Then as the bloated heart is shrinking, an artificial pump is installed to temporarily take over the heart’s work­load!

In the small sample of patients, 8 of 24 exhib­ited a recovery of sorts—with benefits lasting 4 years. However, the cost is astronomical. The heart pump alone costs $200,000. The drugs over the years can add another $100,000, bringing the total cost to more than $300,000. The study involved only 24 patients, and it was backed by Thoratec Corporation—the maker of the heart pump.

Aside from infection or years of poor health habits, most CHF is the result of chronic pre­scription drug use (especially blood pressure and cholesterol drugs) and a B-vitamin deficiency that causes beriberi of the heart. Unless CHF sufferers have been so marginalized by medical treatments and surgeries, about 95% of them make a remark­able recovery in 6-12 months using phytonutrient therapy. The therapy emphasizes B vitamins and weaning from prescription drugs.

Low-cost Alternative

The average cost of phytonutrient therapy can be less than $1,000, and is almost always less than $3,000—a full one hundredth of the cost of this latest medical treatment. Of course, there are no side effects. And best of all, there are numerous health benefits that occur naturally as a result of the phytonutrient therapy.

I have seen, treated, and cured more CHF pa­tients than any physician, cardiologist, or doctor that I know. These cases are routine. The general protocol consists of the following products from Standard Process: Cardio-Plus (6-9 tablets per day), Cataplex B (6-9 tablets per day), Cataplex F (6-9 tablets per day), Calcium Lactate (6-9 tablets per day), Organically Bound Minerals (3-6 tab­lets per day), and a teaspoon of cod liver oil or a tablespoon of flax oil daily.

I expect if natural therapy failed, the newest medical treatment might warrant a try. But in all cases, the treatment of the probable underlying cause (beriberi of the heart) is the best first therapy. All 5 million CHF sufferers need and can benefit from the information in this article.

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