Depression and Broken Bone Risk

Depression and Broken Bone Risk

by Dr. Bruce West

Prescription drugs often have side effects that seem completely unrelated to their function. This is because they affect the entire body, not just the part that’s being treated. Examples are antacids causing pneumonia and osteoporosis, eye drops causing heart arrhythmias, thalidomide causing deformities, and now depression drugs causing fractures in older adults.

We have long known about this side effect, but a study in the Archives of Internal Medicine (January 22, 2007) brings it back into focus. It showed that drugs like Zoloft, Prozac, and others doubled the risk of broken bones. And researchers did their best to eliminate other fracture risks in the study participants.

Antidepressants have been linked with low blood pressure and dizziness, which can obviously cause falls and broken bones. But the fracture risk in this study was independent of these factors. For years medical researchers have felt that these pills actually have a direct effect on bone cells them­selves—making them smaller and weaker.

An Increasing Danger

Since millions of Americans are prescribed antidepressants annually, and in steadily increasing numbers, these results have major public health implications. And just what does it mean to you? Well for starters, severe depression is serious in­deed. And while drugs are rarely the long-term solution, they are often necessary—even if tempo­rary.

Naturally everyone with anxiety/depression problems should try to resolve these problems at their root cause. For immediate starters, good nu­trition is essential. At the very least you should be taking Standard Process’s Cataplex B (6-9 tablets per day), and Min-Tran (6-9 tablets per day).

It is also necessary to address the underly­ing emotional causes of anxiety/depression syn­dromes. A great place to start is to contact the Attacking Anxiety and Depression organization at 1-800-944-9428 or www stresscenter com They can provide you with a great videotape. If after viewing this tape you feel this group can help, you can purchase their program for a nominal fee (un­der $500). We have seen a good response from this program.

Protect Your Bones

If you do need drugs, take the necessary steps to protect your skeleton by increasing your nutri­tion for healthy bones. This means a healthy diet; lots of exercise, including weight lifting; and raw bone and mineral products from Standard Process.

These include Calcium Lactate (6-9 tablets per day), Biost (3-6 tablets per day), and Calcifood Wafers (6-9 per day).

Take these for as long as you need drugs for depression to prevent you from becoming a side-effect statistic. Too often, once the skeleton has been weakened, it is difficult to regain its strength. Under these circumstances, you need to take action to prevent bone and skeleton damage.

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