90% of Heart Disease Starts as Circulatory Disorders

90% of Heart Disease Starts as Circulatory Disorders

by Dr. Bruce West

If you do not digest your foods properly (espe­cially meats and proteins), beginning in the stom­ach, you will suffer from gas, bloating, fullness af­ter meals, and even allergic reactions such as hives and allergies. This is all too common. And it has to do with a series of bad habits, and a slow loss of natural digestive acids and enzymes.

The bad habits are easy to fix. You simply need to chew your food thoroughly and eat whole foods that your body can digest naturally. Processed foods are not something that your body recognizes as food that can be properly digested. In other words, for some of these processed-food concoc­tions, a human digestive enzyme does not exist. It would be as if you ate plastic or wood.

Finally, if you are like some people (especially those with impaired digestion), you may need to combine foods for easier digestion. Basically that means eating proteins with complex carbohydrates (meat with vegetables). Do not combine starches (potatoes, etc.) with meat. Only eat fruit by itself. Some folks even advocate eating only fruit before noon. The most radical form of food combining is eating one food per meal. Most people do not have to go this far. But for hundreds of people that I know about personally, food combining has brought digestive relief.

Adequate Acids and Enzymes

If you suffer from indigestion, gas, and bloat­ing, you should not take antacids. Antacids cover up the symptoms and make the problem worse. Food will generally not leave your stomach until fully acted upon by digestive enzymes. So, with­out adequate amounts of these enzymes, food will stay in your stomach for long periods of time. Or worse, with digestive failure in the stomach, food that is not properly digested will be finally passed along to your intestines. This condition causes severe indigestion, gas, and even allergic reactions.

Animal protein (meat) is digested (liquefied) in your stomach by the enzyme pepsin. Pepsin is ac­tivated by hydrochloric acid (a catalyst). Proteins and meat entering your small intestine as undigest­ed proteins are extremely toxic to your system. In the intestine, undigested protein undergoes putre­faction, giving off poisonous end products called guanidine (a constipation toxin), and histamine (an allergen that causes allergies, hives, and more), among others. This process is very different from the way adequately digested and liquefied proteins enter the lower digestive tract—as amino acids and peptones, which are needed to build a strong, healthy body.

This is a natural phenomenon that cannot be disputed. You simply cannot go against the laws of nature and expect something other than the usual miserable triad of gas, bloating, and allergic full­ness after meals. So think twice about what you eat. Make sure you chew. Combine foods if nec­essary. Drink pure water. Stop using antacids and acid blockers. And if your digestive system has been depleted from years of abuse, rebuild it with digestive enzymes.


We use Zypan from Standard Process as the premier digestive enzyme product because it is so effective at rebuilding the protein digestion system. Undigested proteins cause many more problems than fats, carbohydrates, and sugars. Try I to 3 Zypan tablets per meal and judge your re­sponse. If Zypan causes burning, you may have an ulcer that needs to be healed first. If your digestion improves with Zypan and the other treatments discussed in this article, you are on your way to better health.

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